Sunday, 29 December 2013

Commemorating Oba Ovonramwen Poem 2

Oba Ovonramwen the Great was the last king of the old Kingdom of Benin. He was disposed of by the British in 1897 after their punitive expedition. He died in exile on Tuesday 13thJanuary 1914. These weekly poems commemorate him.

Poem 2

Oba Ovonramwen

Oba Ovonramwen,
Was not enticed by
Promises of overseas education,
Of rich presents,
Cameras and all;
Definitely not the occupiers’ friendship;

Rather he,
Demanded his country’s dues,
Defended his people’s sovereignty,
Sent soldiers to protect his borders,
Defended his country 
To the last soldier standing.

 The British,
 Sent a punitive expedition
 Against his country
 In 1897 
 At great expense to themselves;
 Did exile, Oba Ovonramwen the Great!

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