African Kingdoms Timeline

750 - Arabs in
control of
North Africa
800 - Ife Kingdom
(Nigeria) and
become prominent
900 - Ghana
control gold
and salt trade
Trades with Europe
1070 - Ghana is
conquered by
the Almoravids
1200 - Oba Eweka
Begins the Oba era in the
Kingdom of Benin
1240 - Ghana
becomes part
of new Mali
1307 - Mali empire
at its height with
Timbuktu as capital
Mansa Musa reigns
 1430 - Portuguese
begin to explore
West coast of Africa
1440- 1480 Eweka
the Great rules
Kingdom of Benin
1460 - Portuguese
explorers begin to
trade with
Kingdom of Benin
 1511 - A Portuguese
explorer reaches
Great Zimbabwe
 1520 - A Portuguese
mission travels
to Ethiopia
 1591 - Spanish &
Portuguese help
Moroccans to
Songhai Empire

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